Inside Nepean Hospital’s new Pharmacy Department

November 2023

Nepean Hospital is getting an upgraded Pharmacy Department as part of Stage 2 of the Nepean Redevelopment.

Nepean Hospital’s Director of Pharmacy, Ruby Samson, who has worked at Nepean Hospital’s Pharmacy Department since 1999, says the new pharmacy will be a game-changer for the hospital, with improved efficiency and better access for staff, patients, and the community.

“I’ve seen the hospital change and go through so much growth, and the new pharmacy will better meet the growing demand for our services and cater for the needs of our community,” Ruby said.

231018_Ruby-Samson_directorpharmacy.jpg On average, the Pharmacy Department   gets about 300 medication requests for   inpatients a day, in addition to discharged   and outpatient medication requests.

 The Pharmacy Department provides   Outpatient Pharmacy services for patients   who require high-cost medications  that   are not PBS subsidised following   consultation at the Hospital’s specialty day   clinics including Women and Children’s,   Liver, Renal, Neurology, and Oncology.

 Despite the complexities of moving, Ruby   is very “excited” about the new   department  which is set to open later this   month.

 “It is very difficult to move a pharmacy   because there are so many safety   and security requirements," Ruby said.

Director of Pharmacy, Ruby Samson

"I am delighted that the new pharmacy meets all these requirements, and I am keen for my team to move in soon."

Almost three times the size of the previous pharmacy, the new Pharmacy Department features an improved patient waiting area, a dedicated clinical trials area, patient counselling rooms and an upgraded aseptic suite.  

The pharmacy aseptic service provides a sterile environment to manufacture medications, injectable medications and specialised nutrition for preterm babies. 

Ruby also said it was more efficient because previously the hospital had to rely on an external manufacturing company to make the compounds and deliver them to the hospital.

“We have upgraded to include a new cytotoxic suite so we can compound specialised cancer medications. This is so exciting! We will be able to compound seven days a week and patients can start their medications earlier as we will soon have the capability to do so,” Ruby said.

(Pictured above) Working stations at the old Pharmacy Department.

(Pictured above) new working stations at the new Pharmacy Department.

The new Pharmacy location on Level 2 of Building D is also more accessible for both staff and patients.

“It’s really central to everything which is crucial because patients need to be able to find us easily and quickly,” Ruby said.  

“It will be close to the operating theatres and surgical areas in Building A.”

With construction now complete, Pharmacy staff and the Redevelopment team have been busy stocking and preparing the new space, so it is ready to open in late November. 

The dispense hub at the new Pharmacy Department.

To support the transition, new campus signage is being installed and outpatients will be given directions by the relevant specialist clinics.

Operating hours to the pharmacy will remain the same (8.30am-5pm on weekdays and 9.00am-1pm on weekends).

Important to note, the Nepean Hospital Pharmacy Department is not a retail chemist. Patients who require a chemist can access several community pharmacies near the Hospital campus.

new-pharmacy-map-(1).pngLocation of the new Pharmacy Department.