New location for Pathology Department

The NSW Health Pathology Department at Nepean Hospital is moving from its current location Level 2 Building D to a new purpose-built facility on Level 1, Building E.

Go Live Tuesday 1 August 2023 at 11:00am

From 11.00 am all specimens are to be delivered to the new department in level 1 Building E.

All existing phone numbers are unchanged.

Staff can access the department via the Level 1 linkway between Buildings A and E. 

From 11:00am 1 August 2023, all specimens except for urgent frozen sections (see Anatomical Pathology & Cytology below) will be received at Central Specimen Reception (CSR). If the reception is unattended, press the button at the CSR reception window for assistance. 

Please note the following changes when accessing the department’s services: 

Anatomical Pathology & Cytology

Anatomical Pathology is moving to Level 1, Building E on Saturday 29 July.  

On Monday 31 July, all specimens including frozen sections are to be taken to the Anatomical Pathology (AP) reception via the Building E lifts. Monday to Friday between 08:30am and 17:00pm, frozen sections will continue to be urgently delivered to AP reception. Out of these hours they are delivered to CSR.

From Tuesday 1 August routine specimens will be delivered to CSR.

Blood Bank 

Blood Bank is moving to Level 1, Building E on Tuesday 1 August

From 12:00pm Tuesday 1 August 2023, all blood and blood products are to be collected from the new Pathology department Transfusion Reception (see map). If the reception is unattended, press the button at the Transfusion window for assistance. 

All routine requests must be submitted by 10:30am. Between 11:00am-12:00pm, only critical/emergency blood products will be issued. All non-critical/emergency blood requests will be processed after 12:00pm.

Phone and fax numbers remain unchanged: 

  • Blood Bank Emergency: 4734 2062 

  • Blood Bank Routine: 4734 2182 

  • Blood Bank Fax: 4734 1997


Chemistry is moving Tuesday 01 August. Until 11:00am, urgent arterial blood gases (ABG) are delivered to current location, level 2, Building D.

From 11:00am, urgent ABGs are taken to the new location, level 1, Building E.

In the event of a communication failure on 1 August 2023, please contact the appropriate department:

  • Operations Manager - 0419 607 044

  • Transfusion - 0402 195 145

  • Haematology - 0409 990 065

  • Chemistry - 0408 317 371

  • Microbiology - 0425 324 935

  • Cytology – 0147 342 054