About our program

The link between art and health outcomes around the world are now well documented.  Hospitals internationally and across Australia recognise the importance of art in the psychology of healing and wellbeing.

The main purpose of the arts and culture strategy for the Nepean Hospital Redevelopment Stages 1 and 2 is to look at how the Nepean Arts and Culture Program can contribute to the whole identity of the hospital.

The aim is to deliver an inspiring and meaningful collection of artworks which address priority sites and focus on the needs of patients, staff and visitors within the Nepean Hospital catchment area.

In preparing and delivering the Nepean Hospital Redevelopment Arts and Culture Strategy, our approach will include:
  • Collaboration with the BVN design team to ensure art and architecture work in harmony.
  • Stakeholder input including liaison with Aboriginal and multi-cultural representatives at Nepean Hospital.
  • Where Aboriginal artists are to be commissioned, a Dharug elder will be consulted for guidance on suitable artists and procurement processes.
  • Liaison with local creative industries including The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Penrith Regional Gallery, University of Western Sydney, Aboriginal artist collectives and local artist studios.
  • Development of a diverse range of contemporary art experiences, applied in strategic locations, designed to soothe, relax and delight.
  • Providing value for money through streamlined procurement methods, developing artworks to be used across multiple sites and engaging the community to create collaborative artworks.
  • Developing projects which will contribute to cultural, social and environmental sustainability.
  • Development of projects of an international standard for art and design in a hospital setting.
As a medical specialist… I was constantly confronted with the impact of the physical, emotional and cultural environment on the health both physical and mental of the individual. The provision of music and art within a beautiful physical environment had a powerful effect on reaching and healing many children, young people and their families. Professor Marie Bashir, former Governor of NSW