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The link between art and health outcomes around the world are now well documented. 

Hospitals internationally and across Australia recognise the importance of art in the psychology of healing and wellbeing. 

The integration of arts into the design and delivery of health services through Health Infrastructure’s Arts in Health initiative will benefit patients, visitors and staff and includes all art forms including heritage, literature, visual, performing and dramatic arts. 

The intention for the Nepean Hospital Redevelopment Arts & Culture Strategy is to ensure arts and culture continue to contribute to the cultural identity of the hospital and imbues it with a unique sense of place. The strategy proposes a broad mix of integrated permanent contemporary artworks and dedicated cultural spaces. 

The aim is to provide a diverse range of arts and culture experiences, designed to soothe, relax and delight hospital staff, patients and their families. 

The value of the arts in a health environment has been acknowledged in Australia by the National Arts and Health Framework and in the NSW Health and The Arts Framework.  

This has informed the arts and culture strategy for the Nepean Hospital Redevelopment Stages 1 + 2. 

As a medical specialist… I was constantly confronted with the impact of the physical, emotional and cultural environment on the health both physical and mental of the individual. The provision of music and art within a beautiful physical environment had a powerful effect on reaching and healing many children, young people and their families. Professor Marie Bashir, former Governor of NSW

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