'shine' Sculpture

'Shine' by Jade Oakley is a large-scale, site-specific sculpture, consisting of hundreds of brightly coloured stainless-steel cables inspired by shafts of light. The work is dramatically suspended across the internal courtyard of the new Nepean Hospital, making the artwork visible from all floors of the building.

Shine represents sunbeams embracing across a chasm in the Blue Mountains, and is intended to give viewers feelings of happiness, peace and wellbeing. The artwork is intended to bring the beauty of the Blue Mountains into the experience of the Hospital, providing moments of connection to nature, delight and playfulness.  

‘Shine’ was selected by staff, managers and Western Sydney cultural advisers to fill the courtyard void within Nepean Hospital’s new Building A. 

'Shine’ embodies the healing power of light, as can be experienced in a deep Blue Mountains rainforest canyon. It symbolises the giving of life, knowledge and hope. The purpose of art in a hospital is escapism and to give people a sense of peace, joy and wonder. I love to make artwork that makes people feel good and that’s uplifting and joyful. Jade Oakley | Artist